Our Mission


Mission: Dramatically impacting lives through real estate


The Chris & Caleb Team is an organization where people are inspired to achieve, grow & maximize their God-given abilities.  

At The Chris & Caleb Team, we create an environment where people have an opportunity to:

  1. Generate a healthy income that allows them to pay off debt, build wealth, invest, save & give

  2. Enjoy quality time with their family & loved ones

  3. Achieve goals & dreams that they never dreamed were possible

  4. Achieve optimal health through nutrition, exercise, sleep & rest

  5. Explore and discover their life’s purpose

  6. Dramatically impact their community and the world around them

The Chris & Caleb Team is home to those who are choosing to
live an abundant life!

Core Values:

  1. Fun: Life is to short not to enjoy it, so ENJOY!

  2. Responsibility: Taking responsibility for both actions and outcomes

  3. Integrity: Thoughts, words and deeds match up. I am who I am no matter where I am or who I am with

  4. Gratitude: Being Thankful and grateful in all situations

  5. Growth: Investment in lifelong learning and personal development